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International Development Group (IDG) is an agile and innovative Business Development Firm specialized in and focused on helping international companies connect with leading, reputable South Korean investors, developers and strategic business partners active across a wide cross-section of industries including Real Estate, Financial Services, Tourism and leisure, Retail, Emerging Technologies and other sectors.

We additionally connect South Korean companies with our vast network of multi-sector partners in Europe, North America, and key emerging markets for the realization of unparalleled market access and business synergies.

Our services range from business introductions to the facilitation and structuring of strategic partnerships and alliances in our targeted segments. We thereafter serve as a managing intermediary partner on transactions resulting from the relationships we help to create.

Strategically located in the heart of the world’s largest and fastest growing commercial market, North East Asia and from our base in Seoul, South Korea, we provide our clients unparalleled market access to over 1.7 billion consumers, and to the world’s leading technology and manufacturing companies.




Nathan Kim, Founder and Principal
John Glenn,  Founding Partner

IDG is comprised of local and international specialists in the field of marketing, finance, real estate, leisure & tourism, and other mission-critical development areas. We have successfully introduced and value-create for many overseas partners in Korea, while uncovering market opportunities for Korean firms at home and abroad:

IDG is:



Nathan is a multi-discipline and multi-lingual business development professional, with more than 15 years of value-creation experience in the real estate, corporate marketing, financing, and sports sectors. Prior to creating IDG, Nathan led a successful marketing and business development career at renowned multinational corporations.

A serial-entrepreneur, John specializes in Business Development and Private Investment. An alumnus of JP Morgan Chase for more than 16 years, John has spent the past 35 years of his professional life successfully value-creating across a wide cross-section of industries for businesses in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East from his base in New York and now out of Geneva, Switzerland.

Kim Soo Jin, Advisor

Soo-Jin is a business development expert specialized in the Chinese market. She also brings her vast knowledge of small and medium-sized technology companies in South Korea, having value-created for this business segment.

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